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3 Tips to Serve and Still Take the Time Off

Are you worried about taking time off over the holidays? Maybe your client will need you. Maybe you will miss the call or email from that prospect you have been courting. Maybe they will be so upset with you that they stop doing business with you.

Maybe, but not likely.

Doing business and/or not doing business over the Christmas Holidays is a challenge for most small business owners.

  • Should I answer my email?
  • Should I close for the week?
  • Can I go without picking up my phone when my best customer calls?

These are all questions we find hard to answer since as a small business, every sale is often crucial to our future existence as a business. What I want to share with you this week are three tips to creating a relationship with your clients and prospects that will give you the balance in your life to close for a day or a week, be with your family, and still keep your best clients.

Work Life Balance

1. Set Your Boundaries:

This is actually true for all year round. Once set, when the holiday comes the expectation is understood. If you are always available then you will always need to be available, so don’t always be available. When we are setting up a relationship we need to let people know what is and is not important to us.

Do you have dinner with your kids every night? Are you a single mom with responsibilities that must be handled at specific times? Do you have other people in your life, like parents or friends that also rely on you? Likely you do and that is why you cannot allow your business to determine when you are available. You must set that boundary and stick to it.

The key is that you do not have to tell people why you are not available, just that you are not available. If you want to say, “I have an important meeting I cannot miss on Monday mornings” because you have to take your mother to the doctor’s every week, then say that. People will understand when you give them the alternative times you are available.

Here are some suggestions:

  • We return calls within 2 hours
  • We are closed on statutory holidays
  • We answer calls between 8am and 5pm EST
  • As stated in our contract, I will be available on Christmas day from 2-4pm EST
  • For immediate support please contact…

Remember, I am not saying there will never be exceptions, I’m saying you can set your boundaries and you will be pleasantly surprised to know that most people will be happy to connect at your available time.

2. Get the Word Out

If you are going to be closed, don’t make your clients guess when, let them know ahead of time. Post it in the most likely places it will be seen. Not everyone will see it ahead of time so make sure it is also in a place they will get the information on the days you are away.

Key – Make sure you add the date of the day you will return or reopen.

  • Put it in your email signature line (e.g. We will be close Dec 25 and 26)
  • Put it on your voicemail message
  • Put it in your Christmas cards
  • Put it on your website
  • Put it on the door or window of your business location
  • Put it in your special mailings, social media profile and/or newsletters

3. Turn it Off

If you are truly going to be unavailable to your clients, make sure you give yourself permission to not work. Shut everything down. Turn off your phone, don’t check your social media or email. If you do then make sure you allot a specific amount of time to be present and engaged in your business and then stop at the time you said you would be done.

This allows you to respect your time and also those in your life you committed to spending time with. If you have someone in your family that cannot come to a meal without looking at their clock or answering their phone, then you know what it is like to be thought of as ‘second fiddle’. It stinks! Be as present in your time off as you are for your time in business and you will enjoy more balance in your life.

I Missed My Meeting – AND I Was the Host

Growth challenges are many but one key indicator that you are growing is you can’t always handle all the ‘hats’ that you have been wearing.

This month I’m revving up to a 2-day event with 4 speakers in Vaughan. It is a lot of work, but nothing like the amount of work it takes to market the event. Networking, speaking, calls, emails, free events, etc. are all ways I use to ‘fill the room’. These are still all my hats, and likely will always be. I love the person-to-person interaction these marketing channels provide me.

During this time I still have two programs I’m delivering, paid engagements, and my free monthly expert call that I have been airing monthly for just shy of 3 years. In that time I have never missed a call, but yesterday it happened. I was not on a call that I was hosting. The expert showed up and was confused, the people showed up and… nothing.

So what do you do when you drop the ball? I started by calling my expert right away to apologize and ensure her that her time was valuable to me. It sounds lame, but it was genuine and that is all you can be. The second step was to think of ways to make it right and still give the expert the opportunity to share her brilliance. I offered her an opportunity to record the call so we could deliver it via ezine to you (check the ezine next week for that link).

There were circumstances that kept me away, but still, I know I need a fail-safe way to ensure it never happens again, so my final step is to review my process and determine what I might have done or can do next time. I’m going to use one of my favourite tools (brainstorming with a group) to come up with ideas to help me with this possible business failure.

Business growth is exciting and scary, it is energizing and exhausting, it is successes and it is failures – you have to accept the entire package and work on ways to make it the best experience and outcome possible.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Generate More Income

There is a “catch 22” in business around generating income and investing in activities that generate income. I often hear, “Yes I really need to do that [to make more money]” and then in the next breath, “but I cannot afford it until I get more clients”. If you cannot afford to invest in your growth until you have more growth you will always be stuck. So, I thought I would give you 5 ways you can make more money right now. With this money you can invest in more marketing, a business coach, a business development consultant, a VA or whatever it is you need to generate more income down the road.

1. Look at Past Clients Businesswoman standing on a ladder looking through binoculars

Clients that already know, like, and trust you, customers that have purchased your products before and are still raving about their experience, and people that tell others how much they loved your service – these are the easiest people to sell to again. I want you to go back through your past clients list and contact them with an offer to purchase from you again. Create something for them that will excite them to come and do more business with you. Loyal customers deserve loyalty so give them a deal, throw in something of value that says “I love working with you”.

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Big Sale sign in red over white background2. Have a Sale

Put one of your products on sale and then market it. Let all your referral partners know. Post it to your LinkedIn groups. Share it with your Facebook Groups. Do some networking over the next two weeks and invite people to get the deal or share it. Put it on your website, blog about it, Tweet and post. Let everyone know you have a sale.

Here’s my sale if you want to see what you can do. I took a physical business growth training product and put the same product on sale, except it is for download only. Same great results for my clients but no extra cost to me except the time it took to set up the shopping cart and update the sales page. You can do this too!

3. Look Through Your LHF List

Your Low Hanging Fruit (LHF) list is a list of all the people that have connected with you in the past but have not yet purchased from you. Reach out to everyone on your newsletter list or anyone that has come to a free call, or an event hosted by you. Invite them to work with you and give them an incentive to take action.

4. Host a Live Event

It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to happen. Invite people to a live event either in person, on a webinar, or teleconference call. Give them great value and offer them something to purchase. You can do this with as little as two weeks’ notice and then market it using some or all the suggestions from point #2.

5. Get On The PhoneChild handing over the telephone

This is the most hated way to get more money but it is still the most effective and it is sales after all. You need to reach out to all the people that have said maybe or yes before and get them signed up. Once you get the direct sales aspect of closing a sale down all other marketing language will more easily lead into this sales invitation. Learn how to do calls and do them every day.

Ask yourself this question every morning – “What am I doing today to generate more income in my business?” If you answered “nothing” then you need to make some changes on your ‘to do’ list, then you can invest in making bigger changes. Start by investing some of your time every day in sales and getting more clients. That’s EVERYDAY!

How to be Sure You Accomplish Your Goal

Why does committing to something you want make you more likely to accomplish it? I would say there are two main reasons:

  1. We can envision our goal so clearly we do anything we can to make it happen
  2. We have a need to belong and be accepted

Children often have to be bribed to complete the things we ask them to do: clean their room, take out the trash, feed the dog. If they have a goal that they see as valuable, then their own drive to complete it is more persuasive. My kids will spend a lot more time trying to reach an almost unattainable level in Paper Mario or Mario Cart then they will doing homework (sad but true).

So what is it that really helps us accomplish our goals when we cannot envision the big picture outcome and we already belong? Here are three things you can do right now to really be sure you get to the finish line with whatever endevour you take on.

Know the Outcome

Maybe you don’t have a clear vision as to what your idea will actually bring to your business or your life. You need to start by defining exactly what that is. Look for these types of results:

  • Who are you helping (who will be affected)?
  • What will it look like (if it is a physical item, draw it – if it is a virtual item, describe the details of its existence)?
  • What can you charge for it (if it is a product or service)
  • What will it cost you in time and dollars?
  • Who will buy it?
  • When will it be ready?
  • What will be your reward from doing this?
  • How will your life (and that of your partner/family) be affected by it?

Answer your own questions to create a big, compelling vision of this amazing goal.

Declare your Intentions

Businessman Speaking Through Megaphone

Once you know what you want to do you need to tell people. We are often too afraid to tell someone about a big goal because if we don’t accomplish it we feel like failures. It is important to know that it is rare that, as humans, we create our lives, one goal at a time, by implementing an idea and getting the exact result we anticipate. Failure is the way we measure success. The key here is that when you tell enough people that you are going to do ‘X’, there will be an anticipation of you being successful. Guess what happens? As you implement your plan and notice that things are not going to work the way you anticipate you will be more likely to take action early to re-adjust your coarse and get it right.

Have an Accountability Partner

Telling a lot of people makes it real for you, but having someone that will check in with you and ask you regularly how your goal is proceeding is even more powerful. Find someone that will understand the goal and its impact, someone that can ask the right questions.

I have found over and over again that when I offer something that has no follow up, my clients are less likely to do the work. When they have to check in with me, report on their progress, and continue to identify next steps and actions they are more likely to finish what they envisioned or they create something that will work better and do that instead. It gets done.

If you are thinking of writing a book, starting a business, building a new product or service into your existing business, or looking at doubling or tripling your business size (or more), then envision a real outcome, declare your intentions, and invite or hire someone to hold you accountable and you too will get it done too.

3 Tips to Accomplishing More in Your Day/Business/Life

My definition around success is ‘the accomplishment of a known event with an expected outcome or result’. So, if you want to be more successful you need to accomplish more things that you have identified as required tasks on the path to your goal.

Here are 3 tips to accomplishing more

1. Create a Desire

It is not enough to just wish you had something new, you need to truly desire it. By creating a desire FOR SOMETHING you create the motivation to DO SOMETHING. It takes action and commitment to keep focused through all the challenges you will need to overcome to reach your final goal.

Think of the last time you really needed something – you had to get the money to put new brakes on your car, you had to figure out how you could get your kids to a tournament when you had meetings and your spouse works out of town, etc. When you have a desire to make something happen you are committed to finding the solution.

I teach an exercise in my programs to create a written desire statement. Having this desire statement can make big things happen in your life.

2. Set a Goal

Desire is great for motivation but without a concrete goal there is no really outcome to shoot for. I have covered goal setting several times in my articles over the years but I always like to point back to these Simple Goal Setting Steps.

3. Have Daily Goals

Having a goal is like knowing your destination. When you are thinking of sailing to an island for an event you know where you are going and when you have to be there. You know which direction to sail, but during the trip there are things that will happen to push you off course. You will need to re-adjust your sails for the wind and rethink your strategy to make the trip as effective and time efficient as possible.

Set 1 to 3 goals each day that will help you get to your big goal. Make sure they are small enough that you can accomplish them that day. Ask yourself at the end of the day, did I do at least one thing today to help me reach my goal?

Remember, a long trip still requires you to travel all the miles in between. Most overnight sensations were years in the making and that will be true for every great thing you want to bring into the world. Make use of your time to ensure when you get to your destination you will actually be where you set out to be. To accomplish the big goals you have to be able to accomplish all the small goals, tasks, and steps in between while managing all the distractions.

Growth Tool – 3 Pieces to Make Intentional Growth a Part of Your Business

Today I wanted to share one of my Growth Tools called “Know It – Go It – Grow It”. I teach this over a weekend so I thought I would cover a little of each to get you started.

The important thing to know about business growth is that it must be intentional. You cannot hope to get what you want, and if by chance you do and you get it, it will not be sustainable. So, with intention to grow spend a little time doing these exercises.

Know It

The key to this piece is to know exactly what your ultimate role within your company will be when it is running the way you want it to run. By knowing which role is yours, you can create a plan to eventually offload the roles you should not be doing to someone else.

Org Chart example

  1. Create an organizational chart for your business.
  2. Put the name of the person that performs the role in each position. You will likely find your name is in most roles.
  3. Define what your ideal day in your business is, when it is running the way you want, making the money you envision, doing the thing you love to do, and helping the clients you want to help. What is your role in this company? This is your ultimate role.
  4. List three (3) things in your business that you should not be doing. It may be because you hate it and you procrastinate finishing this work, you are not good at it, and it is not the best use of your time.
  5. Go back to your Org chart and circle three (3) roles that best fit your ultimate role in your business.
  6. In your Org chart put an X through the three roles you should not be doing.

Now you know what you are working towards (your ultimate role) and which three roles you will give away first.

Go It

This piece of the process helps you determine how you can let go of those 3 roles you should not be doing in your business. The key here is to realize that to keep the quality of your product or service the same and reduce time or cost you will have to put in more work or money. To grow your business and increase your businesses value you will need more. The best way to do this is to start by making your business as efficient and effective as possible. Reduce costs now before you start to build.


Time + Cost = Quality

Here are some tips on how you can do this with minimal or no cost to your business to start.

    1. Charge for your uniqueness. I bet you are an expert at what you do and now that you are becoming more in demand you can charge more for your time. This way you can hire someone else at less cost to do the work you should not be doing.

Reduce the amount of time you do something by defining the process and repeating the clients’ best experience over and over.Create procedures for what you do so that you can more easily offload the work and maintain a consistent client experience.

Grow It

This is about stepping up and getting uncomfortable. You must intentionally choose to grow your business, take on the new challenges, and invite the new opportunities. Growth does not come without struggle, so be ready to do what it takes to make the difference in your business.

This is the piece I use to help people to brainstorm where the opportunities are in their business already. Where can they charge more, free up time or create new products. Start with this simple exercise to evaluate your value in your business and the gap between what you do and what you could be doing.

  1. Write down what you charge per hour/day for your expertise? ($ME)
  2. List your three items that you should NOT be doing any longer in your business.
  3. What can you pay per hour for someone else to work on those three items? ($HELP)

Savings =  $ME – $HELP

I found that I could save about $280 / hour by paying my niece to file my receipts once a week, not to mention the side benefits that I got:

  1. The work got done
  2. I was not stressed doing it.

If you want to go through more of this work with me check out this recorded webinar.





What is Work-Life Balance and How Do You Get It?

According to an entry in Wikipedia “Work-Life Balance – is having enough time for work and enough to have a life, thus the work life balance. Related, though broader, terms include “lifestyle balance” and “life balance””.

As a society we tend to look at work as a Monday to Friday event and evenings and weekends belong to our personal time. This may be true for those employed in a traditional corporation, but for so many others, like those in manufacturing, health care, travelling, customer service, or other businesses that span the traditional 9-5 day this has never been the case. For business owners it is also quite different. Business meetings, conferences, trade shows, deadlines, and expectations from our clients can take our workday overtime into our personal lives.

My good friend Susanne Hemet was on my Power of Leadership Expert Call today talking about Burnout and how we can manage or avoid it. She described burnout as a “working in conflict with your core values”. (Listen to the entire recording “Battling Burnout with an Abundance Mindset” and sign up for all her tips).

In work-life balance it is not just avoiding burnout or reducing work so you have enough time for life, I believe it includes loving your work, having fun, being happy, and looking forward to your next day.

Tulips on a breakfast table

Balance is a term that means “to keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall” not necessarily that there is equal parts weighted equally. In your life to stay in balance to ensure you do not fall, like becoming sick, stressed, unhappy, depressed, or start losing your relationship or clients. To be in balance means you wake feeling excited for your day and you go to bed feeling satisfied for the day you just had.

I think there are 3 areas in your life that you need to manage to ensure you have this type of balance.

1. Working Time

During this time the best way to feel like you have accomplished what needs to get done is to know what had to get done. Have goals, create a daily to-do list and do something every day that takes you closer to your biggest goals.

For example:

If your biggest goal is to sell your business in 5 years, you should be creating concrete processes within your business, training procedures, and working on a long term marketing plan to ensure your sales will be where they need to be at sale time. To feel great at the end of each day there should be a component of some piece of this that can be touched (e.g. reviewed, tested, written, etc.)

If your biggest goal is to double your sales in three months, then do something every day to create more sales and track your money every day.

If your biggest goal is to complete your current project, know the project milestones and review your progress every day.

Finishing a day feeling accomplished is a great way to keep work time in you time for work.


2. Personal Time

Your personal time is basically your home life work. Driving your kids to and from activities, house-keeping, laundry, property maintenance, dishes, or whatever you feel is the routine of keeping your home life outside in order outside of your work time. This is the time you take to pick up your prescriptions, go to the dentist, visit with your kids’ teachers, etc. This is personal work, and it is not the type your boss or clients are going to pay you for when you are doing it for yourself.

3. Downtime Time

This is the time where your body, mind, and soul get an opportunity for respite. Hanging with friends, hobbies, gardening, sports or just chilling with a glass of wine, and dinner with your family, downtime is where your life is filled up again so you can do all the things the rest of your life requires of you.

Know that if you are in alignment with your core values in your business you are likely to love what you do and be more likely to be happily energized by the work itself, but, unless your family and friends get to spend all the time with you too (at work too), you may end up very lonely, so look for downtime to help support all your relationships in your life.

Your Outcome

By completing what had to get done in your work each day you will have a huge sense of accomplishment that will allow you to enjoy the time you are not in work. If you spend your day doing personal errands instead of your work (e.g. doing laundry and dishes when you should be making sales calls), you will not feel successful and you will try to rebalance by completing work in a time you had initially set aside for your personal or down time. Now the dominoes start to fall because if you don’t get time to do your personal errands, then you will be working on your personal items when you should be finding time for your downtime (e.g. grocery shopping when you should be at the gym). When downtime is lost then you don’t have time to regenerate your energy or your spirit and that is when you really feel out of balance.

Stay focused on what needs to be done in all areas of your life, find accomplishment in each and you will find balance in all.


Key To Success – Constant Focus

Remember I told you about all the work I had to do to get ready for my event. The event was so successful and it was great fun. Everything went smoothly. We had a very powerful VIP day on Friday, a wine tasting with the incredible Lauren Pibworth (Yes she really does do everything including being one of the key reasons my event went so smoothly!) and two full days of speakers, training, and development.

WELL I was quite sure that once it was over I would have a little breathing room, but I was wrong!

This is a classic time for most entrepreneurs to take a break and make a key mistake to becoming successful. To become successful you cannot stop the forward momentum you have created, you must continue. One of my favourite sayings is from Kari Fisher who said, “You can never say, ‘Well now that I’m successful I can take a nap.’” AND it is so true! This is not the time to take a nap. So to give you an idea of what had to be done and is being done following my event, here is a list of what I have been working on this past week.

Whiteboard with Schedule and planned timelinds

  • Follow up calls to every guest (getting event feedback and inviting them to work with me)
  • Scheduling the next event
    • Creating the marketing timetable for the next event
    • booking the location for the next event
  • Booking a VIP day to introduce my process to people that could not make this event
    • Inviting people to my VIP day
  • Reaching out to past clients with my new Victor’s Circle program invitation
  • Scheduling a year of Victor’s Circle, Prestige of Management, and The Power of Leadership program dates.
    • Set it up in my calendar
    • Create intake sheets that will track clients’ progress and usage of the program
  • Setting up the new sales page of the Power of Leadership 20-week program.
    • Creating all the sales links to my merchant account
    • Writing the webpage copy
    • Recording the invitation video
    • Editing the video and posting it
    • Writing the autoresponders
  • Follow up emails to event participants with the offers from the speakers.

On top of all this I was asked to speak yesterday for the Barrie Mompreneurs group and I’m prepping to participate and speak at an event in Sedona Arizona at the beginning of May plus my car has finished its 14 year journey and I’ve had to make time to find a new one ASAP, because life does not come to a halt so you can create something new or grow your business.

Don’t worry, I have a great team that helped with much of this, but I still had to coordinate and strategize the required work and make all the calls and write most of the copy, because that is me speaking directly to my clients.

I have a sense of urgency to get this work done, but I am not over stressed and that is because I live the strategies I teach.

  1. Create good process to take away the worry of getting things done and time wasting work complete
  2. Have a great team, even if they only work for a few hours a month, get them to do the work you really shouldn’t be doing so you can focus on your core competencies and passion.
  3. Charge what you’re worth so you never feel you are ‘not-enough’ and people don’t take advantage of you and your business

Once I learned how to fully accept that I am the CEO of my company I created the strategies that helped me constantly stay focused on what I could do best to make my business grow, and you can too.

3 Reasons Why Great Business Owners Can Run More Than One Business

Look at Richard Branson. He has more than 300 businesses and even if he only put in 30 minutes a day on each business he would have to work 150 hours a week – IMPOSSIBLE! So why is it so hard for the average business owner to find the time to run one business, grow that business, and still have time for their family? Here is my insight into the things I see successful business owners doing that the average business owner do not.

1. Ask Why Not

When someone tells them, it cannot be done they ask “Why Not”.  If there is a challenge or obstacle in the way of their goal they are more likely to start asking the questions that will give them solutions instead of stating reasons why they cannot do it.

One of the biggest challenges for the small business owner is not having enough time to do something new. I hear the excuse, “I just don’t have time” so often it is discouraging for me to listen. I’m not suggesting that people are lying and they do have time, but instead of stating their obstacle I would love to hear the question, “how could I make that work?” or “what would that look like with everything I am doing right now?”. Getting into the habit of looking for solutions before you discard the idea is how you find opportunities you would not have otherwise found.

2. Great Teams

Even when great business owners were starting out the most successful did not do everything themselves. It does not mean that you have to hire 7 people to work in your business, but it also doesn’t mean that you build a business that does not have a way to hire the people you need. You have to create a business plan that envisions the growth you expect to see and build your systems for that size of business. You also need to know exactly which role in the business will be yours to hold on to.

When it comes time to grow and you find yourself saying things like, “It is just easier if I do it myself” then you are sabotaging your chance to move forward. It is easier to do it yourself at first, but, like raising children, if you don’t teach them what is important and the fundamentals of what needs to get done then you will never have a team that will function for your business. Take the time to bring them up to speed and then take the time off when they are.

3. Grounded Lifestyle

The people I know that run successful businesses are like everyone else. They have family and obligations, they have happy times and sad times, and they work hard to make sure they can give the most of themselves to their families. The difference is that they are doing the things they want with their free time right now, not as a wish for the future, after their business has grown.

If you find yourself saying things like, “I’m going to take my kids to Disney World when my business is more stable” then you may be wishing away your ‘today’. Get grounded in your lifestyle and do what you can right now to live the life you are building for your family in the future. If you are always looking to the future for your next, best event or opportunity then you will likely walk right past all the amazing things that are happening around you right now.

So replace these three statements:

  1. I just don’t have time…
  2. It is just easier if I do it myself.
  3. I’m going to take my kids to Disney World when my business is more stable.

With these three statements:

  1. What would that look like with everything I am doing right now?
  2. I am going to take the time to bring them up to speed and then take the time off.
  3. I’m spending the weekend with my husband and kids so contact me on Monday.

And see if you start having more opportunities to create more in your business.

When I have No Money How Do I…

It is a challenge to run a business and grow a business when there is not a lot of profit to go around. It makes it easy to have excuses for the things that have to be done in your business but don’t feel like a priority. If you find yourself saying things like:

  • I can’t go to that training
  • I cannot afford to get coaching or mentoring support
  • I don’t have the money to put pay for an ad
  • That networking is too expensive

Then I want you to just take note of what the value and priority is for you and your business and put it through this test.

1. Does it Make You Money Right Now?

Not everything that you throw money at will make you money. When times are tough then you have to look at everything for if it will make you money right now.

When I started networking 9 years ago I did it to build credibility and to increase my business prowess. I knew in the long run it was going to create value and clients for my business but I also knew that this focus was not going to make me money right now.

The challenge with this is that you still “MUST” market your business in some way. Just because it costs you money, and you don’t have it, does not mean you cannot continue to connect with your potential clients.

2. Do You Have A Plan?

If you decide that paying for training or a magazine ad will have a return for your business then don’t just jump in and pay, make a plan.

Call to Action

  • Decide how long it will take for you to make money back on your investment. Keep it short term.
  • Decide what else you will need to ensure that you can manage the project (people support, time, additional resources, or more contacts, etc.).).
  • Do the research to see the past success of what you are investing in. If you are an optometrist and having a direct connection to the oral surgeons will immediately get you more clients because 2-3 clients a month need this support, then start networking with the surgeons and advertise your connection for additional client attraction.
  • What is your call-to-action? Be very clear in your plan as to what you expect to create with this investment and ensure you have a call-to-action for your potential clients to take advantage. You cannot make more money if you don’t invite more people to purchase from you.

3. Do You Have Time to Implement and Make the Changes?

Whether you are taking an industry upgrade course to stay certified, working with a business coach, investing in social media, or attending a new association monthly meeting, YOU and your time will be the payment. Are you going to have the time needed to really invest at a level that will create strong relationships and encourage people to purchase from you now?

Sometimes it’s not the money that stops business owners from doing what has to be done, it is often the time. Remember, if you are working on your client projects and you have no time to do the marketing required to grow your business, when you are finished with your client you will have no money. This is not the mindset of an entrepreneur. Step bravely into your entrepreneurship and look for the solutions that will continually help your business grow.